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Beigua Park European - UNESCO Global Geopark

Gui.pa, an acronym for Guides to the Landscape, is a set of new conception guides created for the purpose of learning more about Italy through comprehension of its landscapes. A landscape embodies not only the natural history of an area but also the events and culture of the people who have inhabited it. Understanding the landscape, its features, the distribution of its components and their interrelations means giving a meaning to nature's forms and seeing how human endeavor has modified the natural environment; in short, understanding why a place looks the way it does today.
From the conceptual standpoint, Gui.pa offers a new way of learning about the place, inspired by the methods used by people who study landscapes for professional purposes, generally outside the scopes of the average tourist.
  • Collana: GUI.PA - Guide al Paesaggio d'Italia
  • Autore: Frederick Bradley, Maurizio Burlando, Matteo Garofano
  • Editore: Promorama
  • Formato: 25,3x22 cm
  • Anno: 2008
  • Testo in lingua: en 
  • Prezzo: 14,50 €  

Note: Available also in italian

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