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Many delicacies can be tasted at Beigua Park, starting from the very ancient confectionery industry ("amaretti of Sassello", exported all over the world, the delicious "crumiri of Masone" and Sambuco bakery). The wide range of dairy products (milk and cheese) is not to be missed, and so are beef and sheep meat processed in many different ways, the colourful and tasty berries, chestnuts and all the fine dishes prepared with them, mushrooms, scented fruit jams, all the delicious honey varieties, which are valuable environmental indicators of the Park valleys... and much more!

To underline the connection between the protected area and local food processing, promoting how the latter belongs to tradition and is linked to specific seasons, and acknowledging its role in enriching local biodiversity, Beigua Park has created the label "Naturally Tasty": the label is assigned to fresh or processed local products, coming from one of the municipalities of Beigua Park. Cheese, sausages, bakery products, preserves, and all the other unique Beigua delicacies thus become representatives of biodiversity and keepers of ancient local traditions; producers, on their side, and together with the Park, help to promote the beauty of this area in all its manifold facets, including the culinary one.

The label "Naturally Tasty" is assigned according to a specific PDF Regulation; producers can apply by using the dedicated PDF form.

For the Honey Types of Beigua Park, a specific measure has been activated to enhance the beekeeping companies operating in Beigua Park. Moreover, for a few years, the Park Authority has been participating with its beekeepers in the Contest "Mieli dei Parchi della Liguria".


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