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Formaggetta from the Stura Valley

This is a fresh or semi-mature cheese made of raw cow milk, cylinder-shaped with a diameter of 15 cm and is 8-10 cm high. Externally the colour varies between pale yellow and a more intense yellow depending on its ageing. The paste may present some holes or no holes at all. Varying from a milk white to an intense yellow, the paste has a soft to crumbly consistency depending on the maturing and is delicate to savoury in flavour. For several years now, various local variations are produced in the valley.

Preparation: the cow milk or even mixed milk (cow-sheep) is poured into a container (10 litres of milk make 1 kg of cheese). It is heated up to 32-35 °C. Solid rennet (extracted from the stomach of calves or sheep) is added, and usually after 24 hours the curd mass is broken into small rice-size pieces.
Included in the National and Regional lists of Traditional Products

Formaggetta of the Stura Valley
Formaggetta of the Stura Valley
(photo by PR Beigua)
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