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Sites of mineralogical interest

Among the several minerals that characterise the Beigua Geopark area, the garnets from the Orba Valley, the Faiallo Pass or the Gava Valley are the best known and the most appreciated also outside Liguria thanks to their wonderful colours and wide variety.

At the Faiallo Pass the garnets, very frequent in rodingites, are in the form of very brilliant dark red crystals characterised by remarkable brightness. They can be easily seen in Case Zanotta site where they have big dimensions (some centimetres) and predominantly rhombohedric habits; they are often associated to vesuvianite which is present in the form of stretched prismatic specimens or in association with crystals which are often situated on the garnets. Many specimens, contained in rodingite seams cutting the serpentinites, are associated to epidote, sphene and diopside.   
The garnets are abundant in the rodingites of the whole Beigua Massif, since their genesis dates back to the recrystallisation phases undergone throughout the alpine orogenesis.
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