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Sassello Cooked and Raw Salami

Both cooked and raw salami are cold meats prepared by hand according to the traditional recipe of the Sassello area.
Cooked salami, that is stuffed inside the intestines of a cow, is prepared using the less noble parts of the pig and then boiled. On the other hand, the raw salami mixture, consisting of 80% lean meat and 20% fatty materials, is stuffed inside the intestines of a pig and cured for several months. During the maturing period, the blend of herbs gives these delicious salami their unmistakable flavour.

Preparation: for the preparation of the cooked salami, the minced meat mixed with herbs, salt and nutmeg is stuffed into “tasconi” (intestines of cows) and, after it has been delicately tied, it is cooked in a pan at 70°C for 6 hours. Raw salami is, on the other hand, mixed with whole pepper corns, sea salt from Cervia and blended with Barbera wine. The mixture is then stuffed into “culari” (the end part of the rectum) and left to mature from 1 to 6-8 months, depending on the type of mixture and intestine, under controlled temperature and humidity conditions.

Included in the National and Regional lists of Traditional Products

(photo by PR Beigua)

(photo by PR Beigua)
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