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Lard Paté

This fresh delicacy derives from the processing of pig lard, which is cut into pieces and minced, then salted and flavoured with local herbs. The paté is enjoyed spread on warm slices of bread. In Sassello, the pâté is sold as a spreadable paste in jars. It can be stored for up to a month but if it is consumed within two or three days following its preparation, it emanates all the perfumes and aromas of the wild herbs used.

Preparation: after a minimum salting period of 20 days, the lard is derinded, cut into small pieces and then finely minced using a sieve that reduces it to the size of a spaghetto: the end result is a paste. At this stage, the process is continued by hand, when flavourings and spices are added to the paste.
Included in the National and Regional lists of Traditional Products

Lard pate
Lard pate
(photo by PR Beigua)
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