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Crumiri di Masone

Prepared using an ancient recipe from Masone, this golden coloured biscuit is obtained by mixing very finely ground cornmeal, wheat flour, sugar, milk, eggs, butter and lemon zest, and despite its rustic consistency it fully satisfies even the most demanding palates. These biscuits, to be slowly savoured, are ideal after dinner accompanied by a glass of strong sweet wine.

A curiosity: the original recipe of the Crumiri di Masone dates back to 1910 when a local carpenter decided to give up his activity and pursue the art of making pastries and cakes: after numerous and unsuccessful attempts he managed to find the right balance of ingredients, which took on the form of the fragrant biscuit we all know and appreciate today.

Crumiri of Masone
Crumiri of Masone
(photo by Monica Saettone)
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