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Cooked ham

It is a delicacy produced following a recipe that is over a hundred years old, belonging to the historic butcher-delicatessen shop in Sassello. The family-owned company does not purchase meat from slaughterhouses but personally sees to the slaughtering and the subsequent processing of the meat in its premises. Cooked ham is obtained from the processing of selected pigs, bred by local farmers and by those in the nearby Piedmont region. The addition of aromatic herbs gives the product its distinctive flavour.

Preparation: the fresh legs of pigs are salted and seasoned with local herbs, injecting into the femoral aorta scented water, which contains sea salt from Cervia, sugar and a blend of spiced herbs, the family’s secret recipe. Subsequently, the legs are placed in a cold brine for at least 15 days, are then de-boned, placed in moulds, and cooked at 70°C.
Included in the National and Regional lists of Traditional Products

Ham steak
Ham steak
(photo by PR Beigua)
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