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Beigua pecorino cheese

Produced in the Stella area, this pecorino cheese is made from raw milk with the addition of liquid rennet. The ideal maturation period is about six months. The colour of the crust is straw yellow; the inside of the cheese is light yellow, pleasantly crumbly, and has unevenly distributed, irregular holes. The various aromatic herbs, which are typical of the meadows of the Beigua, contribute to giving the cheese its strong flavour that is neither spicy nor aggressive.

A curiosity: the sheep are left in the high pastures of Mount Beigua from the beginning of June until the arrival of the first snow on the mountain meadows, caressed by a sea breeze, which gives the grass a salty flavour and conspires to give Pecorino its unique taste. This cheese is also used in the preparation of the Genovese pesto instead of Sardinian Pecorino.

Pecorino cheese of Beigua
Pecorino cheese of Beigua
(photo by PR Beigua)
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