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Testa in cassetta (minced pork pressed into a form)

This cold meat is prepared following a process that is typical of the hinterland of Genoa and Savona. Also known as soppressata, the ‘testa in cassetta’ is prepared starting from pig scraps, mainly the head, tongue, fat, rind and cartilages.
Alongside the classic Ligurian recipe, which uses pine nuts, we come across less traditional flavours that required the addition of orange and chinotto peel, cinnamon and dried apple in the mixture.

Preparation: flavourings such as the typical pine nuts used in the Ligurian recipe, together with salt, pepper, laurel, and lemon are added to the mixture, which is then left to boil in special pots. The mixture is then poured into plum cake moulds, which, in olden times, were made of wood, and left to take shape for several days.
Once cut, the slices display a combination of various colours that range from a pinky white to red, with an aroma and a flavour that transmit the bouquet of herbs used in the mixture.

Included in the National and Regional lists of Traditional Products

Production place: Sassello (SV)

Testa in cassetta (minced pork pressed into a form)
Testa in cassetta (minced pork pressed into a form)
(photo by PR Beigua)
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