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Geremia Fort

Along the road to Passo del Faiallo you can see various rocky outcrops created following the construction of the road under the sheer slope. In the high part of the surrounding ridges you can pick out phenomenon of surface erosion, i.e., various avalanches, landslides, and debris avalanches mainly due to natural geomorphological evolution.

It is easy to distinguish the various types of processes behind the hydrogeological upheavals that geologists call channelled or surface erosion due to running water. Tors are distinctive forms seen in this area.
These tors, or pinnacles, are characteristic rocky outcrops jutting out some metres or tens of metres from the surrounding rock face. The rock comprising the ridges of the mountains is often fragmented by fractures where atmospheric agents and destruction processes strongly erode the rock. In some cases, following erosive phenomena, some parts of the rock that are less fractured remain unaltered and “isolated”, thus creating a tor.
By looking at these valleys you can also perceive how these sheer slopes are naturally modelled and “sculpted” by the incision of waterways, faults, and small and large landslides, generated by deep flows or by surface rolling movements.

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Geremia Fort
Geremia Fort
(photo by PR Beigua)
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