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Megalithic Way

The Megalithic Way looks like a paved boulevard, lined with majestic beeches and mighty stone walls. The northern wall consists of almost completely ruined boulders, whereas the valley-facing wall is made of a series of trilithons propped up with smaller stones, thus forming an uninterrupted wall. The road ends at a circle of menhirs; the boulder at its centre is oriented towards Mt. Greppino.

Several features of this road seem to point to the Celtic culture, and suggest that it was used for ritual and religious purposes: for instance, the orientation of the road reproduces the sun path on summer solstice; the use of trilithons, too, is meaningful in this respect.

There is a beech wood downline of the Megalithic Way; beeches are unusual at this elevation, where mixed wood prevails, and their growth here probably resulted from the action of man.

Location: Alpicella Municipality: Varazze (SV) | View on Map
Megalithic way
Megalithic way
(photo by PR Beigua)
Megalithic Road - Trilliti
Megalithic Road - Trilliti
(photo by Monica Saettone)
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