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Didactic proposals 2019/2020

Learning in the Park!

A protected area is an ideal place to carry out didactic activities dealing with ecological issues, nature preservation and sustainable development strategies, as well as to preserve the knowledge regarding local traditions and the historical-cultural values of a territory.

The existence of protected areas is the proof of the will to reach this kind of sustainable future, by preserving and enhancing the value of precious features of the natural world and to rediscover that also man and his traditions are part of it.

In the framework of the protected areas national system, the Beigua Regional Nature Park represents an unlimited source of sparks and suggestions to carry out didactic and educational pathways.

Such projects are supported by a network of didactic facilities within the Park, such as the Visitor Centers or the Information points and museums offering an efficient didactic, interpretative and logistical support to the mainly outdoor activities.

The educational-information facilities of Beigua Park operate within the education network of Liguria in collaboration with the Regional Environmental Education Center - C.R.E.A. Liguria, with the Provincial Environmental Education Centers of Genoa and Savona, with theEnvironmental Education Centers of the Ligurian parks and with all the other CEA (Environmental Education Centers) belonging to the Environmental Education System of Liguria and the National System connected with the program INFEA.

Thanks to the Decree no. 2142 of 29.07.2008, Centro di Esperienza of Beigua Park has joined the Regional Environmental Education System.

Fees (from 9.10.2019)

  • Activities in the classroom - Kindergartens, primary and 1st grade secondary schools: 4.00 Euros per pupil; 2nd grade secondary schools: 5.00 Euros per pupil.
  • Environmental Education outings lasting less than 4 hours - Kindergartens, primary and 1st grade secondary schools: 6.00 Euros per pupil; 2nd grade secondary schools: 6.00 Euros per pupil.
  • Environmental Education outings lasting the whole day - Kindergartens, primary and 1st grade secondary schools: 8.00 Euros per pupil; 2nd grade secondary schools: 8.00 Euros per pupil.

The schools situated in the Municipalities of Beigua Park - Arenzano, Campo Ligure, Cogoleto, Genova (Circoscrizione Ponente-Pegli, Prà and Voltri), Masone, Rossiglione, Sassello, Stella, Tiglieto, Varazze - are entitled to a €2,00 reduction.


  • In case of bad weather, tours may be canceled or postponed.
  • The above-mentioned fees refer to activities for a group of a maximum of 25 pupils.

The didactic activities are organized by the operators of the DAFNE Cooperative (www.dafnet.it).
The Park operators are authorized environmental and hiking tour guides and qualified environmental educators.

For bookings and information on the planning and management of the didactic activities, please contact Centro Esperienza del Parco del Beigua - Via G. Marconi, 165 - 16011 Arenzano (GE) - Ph. +39 010 8590300 - Fax +39 010 8590064 - E-mail: CEparcobeigua@parcobeigua.it

Catalogue 2019/2020 for schools: Explore, Discover and Learn.

School tourism represents a constantly growing field thanks to both the commitment of the operators of the parks and of the Environmental Education Centers, and to the teachers who are more and more aware of the environmental problems.

For the school year 2019/2020 the Beigua Park has planned a didactic offer for the kindergartens, the primary school and the secondary school of first and second grade.

Click here to find all the Environmental Education Proposals (Italian text)

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