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La favolosa storia di Verde Bruno

The fairy tale talks about the wonderful area of Beigua Park and the fantastic characters populating it.
You can download the pdf version of the fairy tale for free!

If you like this fairy tale... the tale of Verdebruno continues, more appealing and rich in adventures as ever in Il Cappello di Vedebruno!
An imaginary tale set in Beigua Park which, besides leading you to discover the most extraordinary environments of its territory, will make you experience intense emotions with the two protagonists Ziria and Finù.
  • Author/s: Dario Franchello
  • Publisher: Ente Parco del Beigua
  • Pages: 22
  • Size: 14.8x20.1cm
  • Year: 2008
  • Price: free

Notes: PDF download the pdf version of the fairy tale, free!
Drawings by Irene Lazzarino

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